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Deficiency   (Lorraine)

 18.04.17   DEFICIENCY is a French Melodic Thrash Metal band, born in 2008. Both influenced by classic Thrash Metal bands and new wa...

Harlott   (Melbourne)

 28.03.17   Forged in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Harlott are the finest example of the thrash metal genre in recen...

Overkill   (Old bridge township)

 19.10.16   Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - VocalsD.D. Verni - BassDave Linsk - Lead GuitarDerek Tailer - Rhythm GuitarRon Lipni...

Bloodlost   (Sion)

 01.10.16   Tchico ( Guitare & Vocal ) Nico ( Drums) Lionel ( Bass & Backing Vocal) Norgrim ( Guitare & Backing Vocal ) 200...

Destruction   (Weil am Rhein)

 18.03.16   In Weil am Rhein in Germany, back in 1983, drummer Tommy, guitarist Mike and bassist / vocalist Schmier foundet a band w...

Krebs Cycle   (Genève)

 14.03.16   ...

AMRAAM   (Ferrara)

 08.03.16   ...

Enterrador   (Guatemala City)

 05.02.16   Membres: Ivan , Oscar, Estuardo, Elier , Jef Beck...

Cripper   (Hannover)

 13.11.15   Cripper convince with their enthralling mix of old-school and modern Thrash Metal. Served with technical refinement and ...

Beergasm   (Cesena)

 13.10.15   Born from the ashes of Scythe, BEERGASM is an Italian Thrash/Groove/Death Metal band from Emilia-Romagna located in the ...

Braindeath   (Sao Paulo)

 10.07.15   4 punk guys doing brand new thrash old school...

Bonded by Blood   (Pomona)

 10.07.15   Distinguishing themselves from Southern California?s extensive thrash roster, Bonded by Blood combine the raw aggression...

Deathraiser   (Leopoldina)

 04.05.15   The Band was formed with the name of "MERCILLESS" by friends crazy for Thrash Metal, even if stabilized with Thiago guit...

Violator   (Brasília)

 04.05.15   VIOLATOR - It's time to Annihilate! “Appearing in 2002, even before the rebirth of thrash metal scene worldwide, Vi...

Cerberus Attack   (Sao Paulo)

 04.05.15   Banda formada no início de 2009 em São Matheus zona leste de São Paulo com o intuito de fazer um som com influências...

Kill Again   (Cascavel)

 04.05.15   Brazilian Thrash Metal...

Fuzilador   (Itajaí)

 04.05.15   A nova distribuição da nossa Demo "Hospital Infectado",será feito através do nosso aliado e colaborador,César Rhod...

ReDraw   (Locarno)

 21.04.15   Everything started sometime in 2010, when Musta and Zucca met and decided to lay the foundations of the future band ReDr...

Nervosa Thrash   (Sao Paulo)

 09.02.15   NERVOSA is an all female thrash metal power trio from São Paulo, Brazil, formed by Fernanda Lira (Bass and Vocals), Pri...

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