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Physis   (Sevilla)

 11.05.17   ...

Whores.   (Atlanta)

 24.10.16   Formed in 2010, Atlanta, Ga. noise merchants, WHORES., have quickly become infamous, thanks to their crushing live shows...

Port noir   (Södertälje)

 19.09.16   After their debut album 'Puls' in 2013, PORT NOIR released the 'Neon' digital EP in 2015 marking one of the first releas...

Esben and the witch   (Berlin)

 15.09.16   Esben and the Witch are: Rachel Davies: vocals/bass Thomas Fisher: guitars Daniel Copeman: drums/electronics ...

Phil x & the drills   (Los angeles)

 07.09.16   THE DRILLS were formed in the fall of 2003 with one goal in mind... TO BRING THE ROCK TO THE MASSES! Songs like "Air Hoc...

Hubris.   (Fribourg)

 22.04.15   "Hubris. " is an instrumental post-rock band, based in Switzerland. The band was originally created in 2014....

Adrenaline101   (Zurich)

 31.07.13   ...

When The Light Dies   (Zurich)

 24.06.13   A swiss four men piece dedicated to postrock and postmetal. that's pretty much all WTLD is about. to be more precise, y...

NevBorn   (Neuchâtel)

 13.06.13   It took Jack 6 years to give birth to such a baby, facing constant line-up changes and doubts since 2008. So much it see...

Ten Seconds Era   (Genève)

 12.06.13   "Ten seconds can be as short as a flutter, or as long as an era."...

Hulk City   (St-Gallen)

 12.06.13   2010 The Welsh space dub rockers Cozmo n Rob.B join forces with Jump the Gun's Vocalist Ken and the Howie Flamingo Guit...

Das Rockt   (Fribourg)

 11.06.13   Exhumé sur les cadavres fumants de Voodoodick, Serge et autres dead Squad, Das Röckt! est né dans les miasmes et la f...

Chronic Shock   (Locarno)

 17.05.13   Chronic Shock was formed in Locarno (Switzerland), in March 2007, by guitar player Simon Voom Hard and singer Diego Bate...

Absorbed   (Monthey)

 13.05.13   Au début de 1993, trois amis d'anciens groupes de musique locaux forment ABSORBED . Le groupe mélange, speed, thrash ...

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