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Kynesis   (Turin)

#1593 Kynesis
kynesis è un progetto sperimentale iniziato nel 2007 a torino k' combina, in un unico contesto, suoni psichedelici e ru...

Physis   (Sevilla)

#1587 Physis

Whores.   (Atlanta)

#1114 Whores.
Formed in 2010, Atlanta, Ga. noise merchants, WHORES., have quickly become infamous, thanks to their crushing live shows...

Port noir   (Södertälje)

#1059 Port noir
After their debut album 'Puls' in 2013, PORT NOIR released the 'Neon' digital EP in 2015 marking one of the first releas...

Esben and the witch   (Berlin)

#1048 Esben and the witch
Esben and the Witch are: Rachel Davies: vocals/bass Thomas Fisher: guitars Daniel Copeman: drums/electronics ...

Phil x & the drills   (Los angeles)

#1017 Phil x & the drills
THE DRILLS were formed in the fall of 2003 with one goal in mind... TO BRING THE ROCK TO THE MASSES! Songs like "Air Hoc...

Ogmasun   (Genève)

#986 Ogmasun

Hubris.   (Fribourg)

#646 Hubris.
"Hubris. " is an instrumental post-rock band, based in Switzerland. The band was originally created in 2014....

Adrenaline101   (Zurich)

#304 Adrenaline101

When The Light Dies   (Zurich)

#243 When The Light Dies
A swiss four men piece dedicated to postrock and postmetal. that's pretty much all WTLD is about. to be more precise, y...

NevBorn   (Neuchâtel)

#203 NevBorn
It took Jack 6 years to give birth to such a baby, facing constant line-up changes and doubts since 2008. So much it see...

Ten Seconds Era   (Genève)

#192 Ten Seconds Era
"Ten seconds can be as short as a flutter, or as long as an era."...

Hulk City   (St-Gallen)

#191 Hulk City
2010 The Welsh space dub rockers Cozmo n Rob.B join forces with Jump the Gun's Vocalist Ken and the Howie Flamingo Guit...

Das Rockt   (Fribourg)

#189 Das Rockt
Exhumé sur les cadavres fumants de Voodoodick, Serge et autres dead Squad, Das Röckt! est né dans les miasmes et la f...

Chronic Shock   (Locarno)

#79 Chronic Shock
Chronic Shock was formed in Locarno (Switzerland), in March 2007, by guitar player Simon Voom Hard and singer Diego Bate...

Absorbed   (Monthey)

#39 Absorbed
Au début de 1993, trois amis d'anciens groupes de musique locaux forment ABSORBED . Le groupe mélange, speed, thrash ...