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Victory or victory   (Rio de Janeiro)

 24.09.16   Metalcore/Post HC/Eletrocore...

A Life Forsaken   (Toronto)

 27.01.16   ...

Circle Of Execution   (Monthey)

 11.12.15   Circle Of Execution is a metalcore band based in Monthey, Switzerland. Established in 2006 by 2 guitarists and a drummer...

Stud Hit   (Noiraigue)

 10.11.15   Stud Hit's History: A metal band in Neuchatel? Yes! We all come from the canton of Neuchatel in Switzerland and we ar...

Crossfaith   (Osaka)

 16.08.15   Crossfaith was formed in November of 2006 and the current lineup is Vocal/ Koie, Gt/ Kazuki, Ba/ Hiroki, Dr/Tatsu, Progr...

Mirror of God   (Taguatinga)

 10.07.15   Banda de Taguatinga, Distrito Federal, formada no início de 2014. As influências da band vão desde o Metalcore/deathc...

Way Of Changes   (Lausanne)

 29.05.15   Official page of Swiss metalcore band Way Of Changes....

Demise Of An Era   (Göteborg)

 01.04.15   DEMISE OF AN ERA is a metalcore band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They started their journey to fame in September, 2012. W...

Fallout Nine

 14.08.14   Fallout Nine ist eine im Juni 2009 unter dem Namen The Condition gegründete Metalcore Band aus Meggen, Luzern. Die...

Prevail Over One's Horizon

 10.10.13   ...

Promethee   (Genève)

 04.10.13   ...

Bloom to Perish

 25.08.13   ...

Sickret   (Sursee)

 20.08.13   Since the band's formation in 2010, the quartet of SICKRET, they gave alot of concerts in Switzerland and satisfy the au...


 19.07.13   Originaire de Lausanne (Suisse), Meltdown évolue dans sa line-up actuelle depuis décembre 2011. Cette énergique for...


 14.07.13   ...

Worse to Come   (Balerna)

 22.06.13   2007 wurde die Band „A Threnody for Worse to Come“ von Sänger Basil Lehmann und Drummer Maco von Allmen in Basel ge...

Avalanche of Blood   (Laax)

 19.06.13   2011 Avalanche of Blood veröffentlicht die EP „THE WAY WE CHOOSE“. 9 Songs befinden sich auf dieser Scheibe. Abwech...

Hidden Face   (Genève)

 18.06.13   HIDDEN FACE is a Punk Hardcore band from Geneva (Switzerland). In the beginning of 2010, Fidy (guitar), Loïc, (bass), ...

Frank Needs Help   (Bern)

 15.06.13   Frank Needs Help is diversified Metalcore, which contains different other Music-Genres and epic Keys. Our Lyrics are mos...

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