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Twelve Noon   (Pittsburgh)


Unruly child   (Los angeles)

 24.01.17   ...

I prevail   (Southfield)

 24.10.16   Clean Vocalist - Brian Burkheiser | Harsh Vocalist - Eric Vanlerberghe | Lead Guitar - Steve Menoian | Drums - Lee Run...

Kee marcello   (Göteborg)

 18.10.16   KEE MARCELLO is one of the most renowned guitarists out of Scandinavia with an amazing track record. From the hugely suc...

DYLEM   (Genève)

 23.07.16   ...

Rebel Duck   (Neuchâtel)

 29.03.16   ...

Roadfever   (Genève)

 08.12.15   Powerful Classic Hard Rock with great melodies, served with a healthy dose of Southern Rock, is what you hear when the s...

Bella Utopia   (Rio de Janeiro)

 16.07.15   PANORAMA A proposta é simples: Músicas diretas com os elementos calcados no Rock e Metal. É assim que a banda Bell...

Hellion   (Los Angeles)

 10.07.15   Band from US...

Crystal Ball   (Luzern)

 13.05.15   The Swiss Hardrock legend CRYSTAL BALL is back and stronger than ever! After a creative break the original members Scott...

Pepio   (Guatemala City)

 17.02.15   ...

Worry Blast   (Martigny)

 11.06.13   Worry Blast is the walking, talking, living, breathing, screaming, spitting, fist-pumping embodiment of all that hard ro...

Milestone   (Thun)

 08.06.13   Begonnen hat die Band mit AC/DC ähnlichem Hard Rock. Durch diverse Mitgliederwechsel und einem neuen Leadsänger aus Sp...

Lazy Dalagan   (Lausanne)

 11.05.13   Author, composer, singer, this guitar genius has opened for Krokus, Gotthard, etc... and played in Belgrade to 200’000...

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