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WALKWAYS - Unbearable Days [Live @ The Barby Club] (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

Published :  11.02.20   melodic metal metal metalcore 14595
Shot at the Barby Club Tel Aviv

Videography: Yoni Sherman and Crew, Liat Dagan
Editing and color grading: Ran Yerushalmi

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‘’I love how a tear feels sliding from the corner of my eye
I love how the soul feels like it breathes in the change and purifies
But the pain that comes and floods along with it…
My god, those unbearable days

I focus on paying attention to the soothing scent of the rain
I keep practicing sunrises, enjoying every sip of morning warmth
But the pain that comes and floods along won't quit it…
My god, those unbearable days

And my mind is underground
And I can't seem to calm down
And all I need is you to say - it's OK

I believe music can keep us warm
Make us better when all is worse"




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