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NORTHTALE - On the album title 'Welcome To Paradise' (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Published :  04.07.19   12085
The new album 'Welcome To Paradise' is out August 2nd on Nuclear Blast! http://nblast.de/NorthtaleWTP SUBSCRIBE to NorthTale: http://nblast.de/YtnorthtaleSub / SUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast: http://nblast.de/NBytb GET THE ALBUM: Nuclear Blast: http://nblast.de/NorthtaleWTP iTunes: http://nblast.de/NorthTaleWTPIT Apple Music: http://nblast.de/NorthTaleWTPAM Amazon: http://nblast.de/NorthTaleWTPAMZ http://nblast.de/NorthTaleWTPGP



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