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Levania // Reflections [Official Video]

Published :  13.02.20   14611
Levania | Ferrara | Italy

Gothic Metal | Metalcore

Track: Reflections
From the mini-EP: Episode 0 | 2019

Get your copy of 'Episode 0' from:
Shop Sliptrick: https://slptr.com/slp408
iTunes: https://apple.co/2OnTLX1
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3aRlx7A
...& many more

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Label: Sliptrick Records


Directed & edited by: Simone Furia & Michelangelo Ingrosso
Actress: Rossella Lorenzo
Hair style: Cristina Pagani
Make up: Daniela Vitali

“We’re very proud to announce our latest video for the track Reflections. We started a journey with the EP Episode 0 (where the track is taken from) and Reflections represents the thousands of idiosyncrasies that affected our lifestyle. Today we live in a sick society. We are losing sincerity, human relations and empathy. Humanity is regressing to a “homo homini lupus” level but, we have got a chance to invert this process with …education! In every single action we make we have a possibility; allow the instinct that leads to the fear of the unknown or, thanks to education, trying not to regress in ourselves to beasts.

We tried to put everything into our newest video/work with as much color and vibes as possible.”



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