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1647 Pop-rock
Kuala Lumpur(MY )
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HUJAN - is a music phenomenon in the internet era. this band started in 2005 with just Noh created demos on myspace. thanks to the power of social network, within few months they gathered some avid fans on myspace. finally in 2006 they formed as a band. From then on, they started to work on their first EP "1,2,3 GO?" and started touring across malaysia.
Hujan prefers to classify their music as alternative rock and has no qualms about delivering their material in Malay. Living and breathing the element they take their name after, their music alternates between the light, heavy and the torrential storm a reflection of the many stories, moods and agendas embedded in their songs. They sing about everything from love, God, family and to the happenings of the world.
2007-2008 period marked their journey as the most succesfull indie band in malaysia at that time with UK tour as their portfolio. with just one year, they crossed over from indie college gig to mainstream media crowd and the rest is history.

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