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2883 Heavy rock
Wilmington(US )
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Jason Shi- Guitar/ Vocals
Andy Ellis- Bass
Scott Key- Drums
Jonah Citty- guitar

Formed in the North Carolina coastline community of Wrightsville Beach in 2001, the riff-fueled, distortion-driven rock of ASG that can be found on their latest effort has actually been at the band's core since its inception.
Initially forming as a three-piece instrumental project, due to the lack of a dedicated vocalist, ASG were intensely focusing on devising tight, driving guitar riffs, locking guitarist Jason Shi in with the rhythm section of bassist Andy Ellis and drummer Scott Key. 
But as time passed and no vocalist was found, Shi was eventually forced to step up to the mic.
With Shi becoming more comfortable as a frontman, the group found themselves connecting with Volcom Entertainment, who signed the band and put them in the studio in 2003, to record their debut album, ...The Amplification of Self Gratification.

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