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23rd Grade of Evil   (Luzern)

 13.05.13   EVIL (noun) /?i?v(?)l / : A power that makes people do very bad and very cruel things?Does everyone have the potential f...

3 Days Of silence   (Genève)

 27.12.13   Hovering above Pandemonium City at rush hour hails 3 DAYS OF SILENCE in a clash of scorching black metal and cold electr...

69 Chambers   (Zurich)

 14.06.13   69 Chambers like to call their music a minefield of contradictions, combining brutality with pop sensibility in an array...

A Thousand Years Slavery   (Montreux)

 11.05.13   A Thousand Years Slavery is a Swiss band composed by five young musicians originating from the Montreux area, in the Fre...

Abinchova   (Luzern)

 14.05.13   PAGAN METAL FROM LUCERNE Heartfelt folk metal is the prime priority of the seven musicians of Abinchova. Melodic f...

Absorbed   (Monthey)

 13.05.13   Au début de 1993, trois amis d'anciens groupes de musique locaux forment ABSORBED . Le groupe mélange, speed, thrash ...

Abstract Reason   (Yverdon)

 17.05.13   Abstract Reason is a Progressive Metal band based in Yverdon-les-Bains (VD) in Switzerland. Emerged in 2008 from the ash...

Adrenaline101   (Zurich)

 31.07.13   ...

Algebra   (Lausanne)

 02.03.14   Durant l’année 2008, quatre musiciens de Lausanne (Suisse) se connaissant déjà d’horizons divers décident de c...

All Life Ends   (St-Gallen)

 06.03.14   Five ugly Bastards decided to make some brutal noise.. that's all. Source : All Life Ends ...

Allys Fate   (Brig)

 08.05.15   Punkrock since 2010...

Almost Human   (Yverdon-les-Bains)

 24.02.16   ...

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